Monday, November 11, 2013

Volunteer Today, Health Benefits Tomorrow

A new study shows that volunteering within your community can be beneficial for your health!

The study, entitled "Doing Good is Good for You", was sponsored by United Health Group and conducted among those who have volunteered at some point within the past twelve months, shows that becoming involved in your community can have tangible health benefits.

Our of more than 3,000 survey respondents, 76% said volunteering made them feel healthier, and 78% said that volunteering lessens feelings of stress. My personal favorite statistic is that 96% of people who gave back to their communities at some point in the past year felt an enriched sense of purpose in life, and just as many truly felt they were making a difference.

The study goes even further, pointing out that employers who instill a sense of volunteerism in their employees tend to see their efforts returned in the workplace, as volunteering can improve upon time management skills, communication, and interpersonal relationships. Many volunteers use professional skills in their volunteer positions, and about three quarters of respondents said that volunteering improved their competitiveness in the workplace in some way.

Met Council offers many opportunities to reap some of these benefits, so what are you waiting for? Or, share your volunteer success story in the comments!

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